IIDA Snap Shot 2013

This summer, IIDA conducted a survey titled SnapShot 2013 to find out who our 65,000+ Facebook followers are, what they do, and what they enjoy about IIDA. We had a great turn-out, and the infographic below displays the vibrant and amusing results of their participation.

IIDA would like to thank all who took the time to take the brief survey, and congratulations to our survey winners, Eula Biezen and Jordan Nolan, who received a $100 Visa gift card each! Next year, we hope to grow the survey and send it out to an even larger Facebook following! In the meantime, enjoy the inaugural SnapShot 2013 Infographic:


One thought on “IIDA Snap Shot 2013

  1. I totally agree about apciipeaterng the contributions of each and every creative person in our field; whether it be design or decorating. Since being a student for the last few years, I’ve met so many different types of people, but we all love design. What I’m learning to appreciate is that we are all stronger in one area than someone else we are uniquely gifted in our own special way and I love to learn from and observe everyone’s unique contributions. I’m learning that we certainly need all types with all different skills in this field! Nice post, Lesa!


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