Earlier this week, IIDA Headquarters dispatched two of its Communications Department employees to Texas to speak to the IIDA Dallas/Fort Worth and Lubbock City Centers of the Texas-Oklahoma Chapter on “Brand & Digital Media Strategies Within Convergence Culture.”

Kyler Queen, Director of Communications, and Marc Trevino, Interactive Marketing Manager, structured the presentation into three parts. The first portion of the presentation focused on current American culture – a “What’s Going On?” analysis of how we as a culture behave and think. “Convergence Culture” was the title used to define American culture; a term borrowed from media scholar, Henry Jenkins, who stated that in the United States’ “current moment of media in transition,” the society should be understood by examining “emerging cultural practices.” Meaning, instead of looking at the tools and technologies used on a daily basis, we should examine how society is behaving – be it within personal, work, or public space.

Marc and Kyler took this approach to align and connect with a specific audience so that their branding strategies – from a mass cultural understanding –  effectively engaged convergence. A narrative of convergence culture was then crafted, and statistics about convergence culture were conveyed to substantiate how American culture behaves and thinks. One such example honed in on the convergence between “personal” and “work,” and the dissolution of the typical office in favor of spaces conducive to people taking work with them on-the-go, anywhere and anytime (see figure below):

Using the convergence culture narrative and statistics, three brand strategies of Endurance, Equity, and Excellence were then articulated and messaged to the specific City Center audience of individual designers, firm leaders, manufacturers, Chapter leaders, and IIDA Members to use as strategies to engage convergence culture.

The Communications Department duo had teamed up in October before this most recent visit, making their way to the Houston, San Antonio, and Austin City Centers where the presenters were moved by the welcoming nature, enthusiasm, and unique “flavor” of each location. Being relatively new to IIDA HQ, Marc and Kyler acquired a rewarding experience to know what it means to be a part of the City Center, and what it means to be an IIDA Member.

The “Marc and Kyler Show” hopes to continue their adventures soon, and make their way to more IIDA Chapters and City Centers to educate audiences of how to “cut through the clutter” of today’s media and information landscape and effectively engage convergence culture.

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