You may have noticed a change with regard to IIDA Government and Regulatory Affairs (aka GRA) recently. We no longer refer to our legislative affairs as GRA but instead IIDA is using the term “Advocacy.” While subtle to some it underscores an important change in the way IIDA views the way in which we advocate for our Members.

IIDA is encompassing more of what our Members actually do – which is advocate and set good public policy on the state level through the support of licensure by the introduction of title and/or practice acts. The use of the term advocacy, as our Director of Advocacy, Emily Kluczynski points out, is a term that is more relatable and less intimidating.

“I think advocacy is warm term that everyone can relate to.  I think members say, ‘Even though I may not be an expert on the legislative process, I can learn the basic tools and be an advocate for my profession.’  Grassroots advocacy is something we try to distill in our members from the moment they join – whether it’s at the student or professional level,” said Emily Kluczynski.

Emily started with IIDA last December, and during her time she has already made advocacy and legislative affairs less daunting for our Members by holding monthly calls, attending Capital Days in Jefferson City, Missouri, attending Chapter and Coalition events, and producing up-to-date resources for Members. Through the these efforts IIDA is making the legislative process less intimidating and more accessible.

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