No matter the industry, size of your business or type of goods or services, having a strong brand presence is vital towards growing and sustaining a business. It reminds me of the old adage “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound”. If your brand isn’t making noise, turning heads and gaining referrals, then does it really exist? While I may speak in hyperbole of the existence of your brand, it clearly isn’t possessing strong brand awareness.

Plain and simple, brand awareness is how well a consumer identifies with your brand and your business. To properly engage an audience with the process of brand awareness, it’s essential to use every medium of advertising and marketing possible. Digital platforms, personal statements, and overall customer relations are the most accessible and prominently used methods of building brand awareness.

At this point, in our fast-paced digital age, advertising your brand through social media is second nature. Every business and brand has a Facebook and Twitter so it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle within your marketplace. Make a conscious effort to set yourself apart from the more “traditional” social media outlets, and cater your presence toward a more personal bond with your consumer. Use avenues like a blog posts and Pinterest boards to give an inside look into how your personal brand functions as it relates to your mission statement to build brand awareness.

To further expand on creating a personal bond between your brand and your consumer, it’s best to follow a two sided approach: customer service and a personal connection. If it’s done correctly, both of these methods can be achieved together and can certainly go hand-in-hand. When dealing with a potential consumer, the manner in which you approach your relationship can speak volumes. Always speak to the consumer the way they need to hear the information and not the way you wish to say it. Every consumer will have a different level of education on their industry and marketing principles, so do the research on what they need specifically and share the information with them in an easily digestible manner. Dedicate yourself to making the consumers’ needs your priority and you will undouble gain trust of the customer and increase the presence of your brand.

High brand awareness suggests that the brand is easily recognizable and accepted by the market in a way that the brand is differentiated from similar competitors. The ultimate goal of any business is to be immediately thought of by your target market when they’re ready to purchase your services.


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