Interior Designers have concentrated not only on designing aesthetically pleasing workplaces, but also focused on designing workplaces that promote employees’ health and well-being. The Huffington Post recently spotlighted the significance of workplace design via the article, “Workplace Wellness: 7 Workplace Design Experts Weigh in on the Next Big Thing,” by Amanda Schneider.

Of the seven designers highlighted and quoted in the article, five are IIDA Members including IIDA Fellow Joan Blumenfeld, FIIDA; as well as Marlene Liriano, IIDA; Angie Lee, IIDA; Nila Leiserowitz, IIDA; and Mark Hirons, IIDA. Each IIDA Member shared their perspective on what has precipitated the increased interest regarding workplace design, and why well-being in the workplace is crucial in today’s office environment.

IIDA has and continues to be a leading authority on workplace design, with the Association continually bringing together industry experts for robust and well-chronicled roundtable discussions, as well as workplace-focused design competitions. Stay tuned for IIDA Industry Roundtable 18 that focuses on the topic of “Workplace Well-Being,” addressing how it is essential to human intelligence, creativity, happiness, health, innovation, and productivity.

Header Image: JWT Sydney Headquarters, designed by Geyer

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