Watch Advocacy 101: Just the Basics

The 2020 IIDA Virtual Advocacy Symposium was kicked off with an introductory session focused on ways to get involved in interior design advocacy and harnessing your voice for change. The talk featured Emily Kelly, director of advocacy for IIDA, Abby Wilson, public policy manager at IIDA, Thom Banks, CEO of CIDQ, and Rebekah Matheny, IIDA, professor at The Ohio State University.  

The 2020 Advocacy Symposium opening session Advocacy 101: Just the Basics highlighted ways that the IIDA advocacy department can assist members and students in their advocacy efforts and debunked common advocacy misconceptions. For example, many folks think advocacy is only for trained lobbyists; in reality, legislators and elected officials want to hear from citizens like you! 

There are many ways that you can get involved in advocacy that don’t require a great deal of time: register to vote, exercise your right to vote, know the laws in your state, take the NCIDQ exam, get state registered, stay involved with your local IIDA chapter’s advocacy efforts, educate others, or meet your legislators virtually! 

Thom Banks, CEO of CIDQ, gave attendees an update on the exam, including that the 2021 spring administration will include the new exam blueprints, Rebekah Matheny, IIDA, associate professor of interior design at The Ohio State University, was also able to provide several important insights on the value of seeing the legislative process in-person, the importance of using your voice through voting, and how interior designers have the power to change the future for the better. 

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