June’s IIDA Product of the Month features several products from Armstrong. The MetalWorks Blades and Infusion are part of the Concept family of products.  Concepts products are created for today’s linear trends. The rich wood looks and unique wave designs can create a variety of visuals depending on spacing and direction of the blades. Create an accent area or add visual impact with a full room installation.

MetalWorks Blades

MetalWorks Blades

Infusion Blades

Infusion Blades

MetalWorks Clip-on can quickly and easily transform any space with an existing 15/16″ suspension system. A great choice for renovations, MetalWorks Clip-on panels are downward accessible and available in 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″ standard sizes. Choose from various MetalWorks finishes and perforations to give any installation a clean, finished look!

MetalWorks Clip On

MetalWorks Clip On


3dEXUnbrandedNeoCon 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the International Interior Design Association.  In honor of this monumental occasion, IIDA has pulled out all the stops with its booth designs and exhibits. This year, IIDA is collaborating with the exciting and up-and-coming designers from Unbranded Designs, and the latest evolution in manufacturing from The 3D Printer Experience.

It’s no secret that 3D printing is the future of product manufacturing and The 3D Printer Experience is leading the charge, bridging the gap between manufacturers and designers.

“Our goal is to democratize the manufacturing process so everyone can have access to it,” said Julie Steel, CEO and Founder of The 3D Printer Experience.

While The 3D Printer Experience is shaking up the assembling and manufacturing aspect for Designers, the ambitious company Unbranded Designs is revolutionizing the way designers are creating and innovating products before they hit the production.

By seeking out talented designers who are on the cusp of being highly recognized, Unbranded Designs is able to elevate the designers to the next level within the industry.

“Our purpose is the discovery and development of unique and innovative products and furniture space,” Said Samer Saab, Co-founder of Unbranded Designs. “There is so much talent out there when it comes to Designers. These people live and breathe spaces.”

The innovative spirit and mission of both companies are at the heart of why IIDA chose to collaborate with them for its 20th anniversary. The team effort involves both companies providing uniquely designed furniture that incorporates 3D-printed materials used to manufacture designs for the IIDA NeoCon booth and merchandise. It’s a great opportunity for all of the organizations involved, and one that has Saab particularly excited.

“With IIDA, we’ve been big fans for a while,” he said. “We’re able to get global feedback from the design community on our designs.”

To explore the potential of this new and growing technology on the world of Design, visit the IIDA booth at NeoCon 2014 (Booth #7-9040).

For more information on The 3D Printer Experience, visit and to learn more about Unbranded Designs, visit



IIDA’s annual NeoCon black-tie gala celebration is a special evening to honor the winners of two of the most prestigious competitions in the Interior Design profession – the 41st Annual Interior Design Competition and the 22nd Annual Will Ching Design Competition.

Prominent international Interior Designers and global design manufacturers gather for an evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing in the Grand Ballroom of The Ritz Carlton Chicago to celebrate the evening’s award winning design firms and their outstanding projects.

In honor of the rapidly approaching event, we visit with IIDA Senior Vice President Dennis Krause, Hon. IIDA for his thoughts on this grand occasion.

Q: How did COOL take shape and become the event that it is today?

DK: The gala was originally known as The Midnight Affair back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. We used it as the official kick-off to NeoCon, back when NeoCon was a week-long event. It was called The Midnight Affair because it started at midnight and in the early days it was held a Navy Pier. It’s always been a staple of NeoCon, but through the years there have been many changes. From Midnight Affair, to just Affair; and then we realized branding was such a big part of the event and our identity. We came up with the name COOL because we felt that it represented the industry.

Q: COOL is such a large and instrumental part of NeoCon. Who plans such a big occasion?

DK: Well, I’ve been with the Association (IIDA) for 18 years, so this is my 17th COOL that I’ve been involved with. The person involved with industry relations — this year it’s Aisha Williams — has been very important, because the event relies on sponsorship. The industry relations person is able to coordinate with many of our corporate members to contribute to COOL. We want the Industry Members to be a part of an event that focuses on design excellence.

Q: What can someone who has never gone to COOL expect?

DK: They can expect a black-tie evening of Interior Designers, Manufacturers and Architects who really appreciate design excellence. It’s a variation of the Oscars. You have cocktails, you enjoy the award ceremony, and you finish the night with dinner and dancing. It’s a full range of networking and appreciation of Interior Design.


This years celebration will take place Sunday, June 8th at the Chicago Ritz-Carlton from 7-11pm. For more information regarding sponsorship and tickets, please contact Aisha Williams at

To connect with IIDA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout NeoCon use the hashtag #IIDA20