Think about some of your favorite brands on social media.  Think about why you like them. Are they engaging you with their tone of voice and language? Do they actively use visuals? Do they offer a human element to the content they post? Brands aren’t a collection of facts. They’re about the stories of the company, employees and customers told in a human voice. Consumers will respect and relate to a brand that they can connect to on a more personal level. Give your brand a personality; share a personal story or an inspiring journey.  You can work toward your own personal brand excellence by incorporating the following elements into your social media presence.

  • Make It Personal. Humanize your brand by avoiding corporate jargon, by making sure your language is completely relatable to your audience and carries your brand messaging. Recently, brands have gained a great deal of success by connecting their products or messaging to storylines that are current and actively relevant to today’s culture, like the Super Bowl or the Oscars. People are more likely to connect if they feel they share a common value with your brand.
  • Make It Visual. Social media has also morphed into visual media, so adding a visual aspect to your brand’s social posts is vital. According to a HubSpot study, Facebook post with images are 53 percent more likely to receive a “like” and 103 percent more likely to be commented on. Adding visuals to support your post will keep your brand current in a world skewing more and more toward a visual marketing platform.
  • Make It Useful. By far, the most effective way to keep users coming back to your social platforms is to give them something that they can use in their lives, by consistently offering some type of assistance to your users. Some of the most respected brands will come out and openly support their users by working to solve their issues.  Offering customer service to your brand’s users from a tap of your iPhone or click of a mouse is the perfect way to connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Representing your brand through social media is the fastest and one of the most effective ways of keeping your brand messaging up to date, while allowing you to effectively build your networking presence within your respective industry.

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